Security Culture 101

What not to say:

  • your involvement or someone else's involvement with anything
  • someone else's desire to get involved with such a thing
  • asking others if they are involved in such a thing
  • your participation or someone else's participation in anything
  • someone else's advocacy for such things
  • your plans or someone else's plans for a future things

No one is claiming it is wrong to speak in general terms about anything. Be wary about specifics.

Anyone who is not involved does not need to know and therefore should not know.

Security-violating behaviors:

  • Gossiping: Gossips will tell others about who did what, or who people guess might be involved, or spread rumors about who did something. This sort of talk is very damaging.
  • Bragging: Some people might be tempted to brag about things to their friends, acquaintances, etc. This not only jeopardizes the security of the bragger and the others involved, but it places people who he or she told at risk.
  • Indirect Bragging: People who make a big production on wanting to remain anonymous. They might not come out and say anything explicitly, but they make it known that something is up.