Have readings done before meeting date.

Week 0 (Jan. 26): Organizational Meeting

Week 1 (Feb. 2): Absent Future & Questions and Answers (Anti Capital Projects[1])
Week 2 (Feb. 9): Necrosocial & New School Occupation

Week 3 (Feb. 16):Coming insurrectionPt 1 and Letter from an Anonymous Friend

  • Guest Presentation on the Situationist International.

Week 4 (Feb. 23): Coming Insurrection Pt 2 and On the Poverty of Student Life

Outside resources:

Autonomous Subcommittee of the UCSC Occupation - October '09 Reading List (with links).

What is an occupation? (New School Reoccupied)

Links to: "University Occupations: France, Greece, NYC," "Preoccupied: the logic of occupation," and "New School Occupation" (including printable version!)

Communiqués from the Valley

"Love letters from the emerging Student-Worker movement from California's Central Valley."

Wheeler Hall: info packet (November 20th)

On Prisons:

Chomsky - The Drug War Industrial Complex

The American Prison and the Normalization of Torture

Audio - Foucault on 'Disciplinary Society'